My goodness where have i been!!

 Hey guys i wanted to say sorry for slacking off!

Im going to catching up with as much as i can and continuing my  work..

(sorry to my awesome sponsors for slacking aswell)

Keep a eye out for newness as there will be a ton of it!

I love your faces!


– Lake time with my sissy!-

Water babys for the win! My sissy and i went to the lake for a few hours.

Had to climb over the dunes to get to the lake but it was sooo worth it.

We quickly unpacked the beach gear: Sand tools, blanket, Umbrella, and the radio!

I was so excited to build a sand castle while my sissy was more interested in tanning,pfft.

I filled a bucket to make a sandcastle and i got a greatttt idea!

So i got the bucket and  plopped it on her head, well it was a good idea till it back fired.

She get another bucket and did the same thing to me! how rude!

Well.. as i about to take it off i got pinched by a crabby crabster!

I screamed then my sister screamed cause i screamed and well,

we ran as fast as we could away from mr crabby  *giggles*

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I hope you enjoyed today post!

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-I Caught a Pikachu!-

Uh…Pikachu Excaped! Hey! how did he get a phone! Grr…

I was just playin poke go on my phone tryn’ ta catch this pika…

The pokeball exploded and he just popped back out and started playing the game lol!

Welp, everyone meet my new sidekick…Pikachu and his unlimited stash of pokeballs

I don’t know how i get myself into things like this Haha But i love it.


-What I’m Wearing-

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Jayla [Group Gift]

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– Livin’ A Mermaid Life!-

Livin’ that mermaid life is so hard.. Kiddin’ :3

Spending my days relaxing and watching you-tube videos on my new mermaid phone.

Splashing in the water,  Sitting in the sun and enjoying the land life for today.

Its   such a nice day out and the sun is so bright.. i forgot my glasses inside.. oops :/

-What I’m Wearing-

(BabyGirl) Seashell Pearl Necklace

(BabyGirl) Mermaid Life Top & Skirt

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Love tahila

-Crabby baby-


I was in the ocean all day yesterday being a mermaid, today I’m going to stay on land haha.

Yesterday was so much fun but today i plan on meeting more friends..Animals & humans.

I was wandering around this beach, staying out of trouble lol *fixes her halo*

I  got a little tired and had a seat on the sand right by the water.

Watching the waves hit my feet i felt a pinch on my back. I jumped up and screamed.

A crab Pinched me! How rude!

I wagged my finger at it and told him that wasn’t nice at shouldn’t pinch.. pssh.

I took a quick photo with it before running off back home to check the mirror.

I hope i don’t have holes in my back.. Ugh.. silly crab!

-What I’m Wearing-

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-Mermaid dreams-


The dreams of being a mermaid are coming to life!

I found this beautiful shell with little soft pillows, i looked around

hoping to find other mermaids swimming around but i found no one.

I decided to take a break and sit in the shell.

I just took in the beauty of the ocean then  after sitting about 5 minutes i heard a voice,

The tiniest, softest voice i have ever heard.I looked around for her and she popped up,

 A little cute sweet mermaid, maybe she was a baby? maybe i took her seat?

I quickly got up and she swam to her shell, the one i sat on.

She asked me to sit with her & we sat and talked for hours on end.

We talked about mermaid life & about Pokemon go, i was surprised she knew about it.

It made me giggle, She loved Staryu the most.

It was getting windy and waters were getting choppy so i had to head back home.

I promised to visit her and gave her a big hug before leaving..Until next time

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I hope yall enjoyed this blog..I really love this one a ton

Have a great night..

Remember i love your faces!


– Part Of the Pack –

Part of the pack

Good afternoon my lovelies! I hope everyones week is going beautifully.

I  snuck out today for an adventure in the forest… Don’t worry i brought snacks….honest

But….but what happened was… they ate em all! Silly unicorns!

I sat with them for a little and this lil guy wanted to come home with me!

I think ill take him home and see what my family says.. I’m looking for Yes.. Well see  LOL!

It started to get dark but i really enjoyed my time with them..

they even gave me a honorary pretend unicorn horn! Im such a lucky gal!

-What I’m Wearing-

Headband (unicorn horn): {C.C:M.} Unicorn Headband

My Unicorn : AKK XL 09  White Unicorn Horse

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Remember i love your faces!

Love always


-Woo i’m a OctoBaby-




Good evening lovelies!

So while i was on my vacation.I saw some sharks,dolphins and octopuss.

I was able to snatch a photo. I was trying to be very careful cause

the octopus could suck me up alive!

You know they are extremely strong, i wish i was that strong, sheesh.

I missed yall though and so happy to be back home.. safe and sound!

-What I’m Wearing-

•Sandals: *CC* TD Summer Sandals BABY Size

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-Where I’m at-

Luna Beach & Playground

Remember i love your faces!

Love tahila ❤

I’m Back from vacation!

Hi my lil lovlies!

I was gone a couple weeks. 1st my laptop charger went kapoot. so i had to get a new one then i want on a vacation to California. So if you are wondering.. im still alive! i needed a couple days to get settled in and unpacked  lol Ill be posting new blogs starting tonight!  I missed you all so very much and im  so very happy to be back home!♥

Love always,


– I’m a Goofy Goobah!-


I pitched my tent outside the family house out in the trees..Got scratched but i’m okays.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful, sunny, fun day! I know i am..

It was the perfect day to do a lil camping in the day..maybe i can catch some fishies too!

Well see what i can get into today *makes shifty eyes* dun dun dun!


-What I’m Wearing-

Sandals: {ud} Princess Flops V.2 B [royal] RARE
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Remember i love your faces!

Love always